Code of ethics


Investing in values


We invest in machinery and knowledge, as well as in people, whose passion and experience in their work have allowed us to grow not only at the human level, but professionally as well.


It is important to us to work with specialised partners who have contributed to building our country’s metallurgical history.

Courtesy, transparency, and respect for individuals are just some of the values that we consider to be essential and the bedrock of the company. Our objective is to complete the most ambitious projects, to reach a destination without ever neglecting the journey: the only true occasion for sharing an experience of growth and evolution.

For us, achieving our objectives is important, but the way we achieve them is just as important. The Code of Ethics is a cornerstone of our culture and of our behaviours, promoting a high level of professionalism and reliability within the company.




The principles contained within the Code of Ethics include a series of rules of conduct that each individual is expected to observe in order to guarantee diligence, decency, and loyalty, as well as to regulate and adhere to any other behavioural standards within the sector.


  • Respect for the individual
  • Customer advocacy
  • Responsibility, decency, and courtesy
  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Solidarity
  • Loyalty
  • Professionalism and professional diligence
  • Respect for the environment and for the health and safety of employees and collaborators
  • Confidentiality


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